Meet Elise

meeeeHi, my name is Elise. I’m a thirtysomething wife to my amazing husband (Sheldon) of 19 years and mom/step mom to three wonderful kids. We’ve got 3 dogs now. Hammond (maltese poodle) Beaker aka Spaz (Silky Yorkie) and our newest addition, UGA (English Bulldog). Puppies were made adorable for a reason. That’s all I’ve got to say about that one.

I was born and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida- Right next to Fort Lauderdale, but nobody ever knows that. I currently live in Pensacola, Florida, though being a retired military spouse, I’ve also lived in California, Texas and Alaska. Who Moved My Sanity is my personal blog and in real life, I’m a ZUMBA FITNESS®, and REFIT® Dance Fitness Instructor. I love music of all kinds,  am a complete pop culture nerd and child of the 80s through and through. I’m almost positive I’ll lose what’s left of my mind if I ever get to meet P!nk, Adam Levine, Josh Duhamel and finally get to attend a Bon Jovi Concert. (They came to town three months after I moved- ON my birthday….still not over it) I’m a die-hard Disney Fanatic and wanna be book worm. I can’t ever seem to finish a page without my mind wandering, so that goal has yet to be achieved. I really try to find the good in people and not take things too seriously. If I do, my thinking goes in fifty directions all at once and I get nothing done for the day. If you’ve ever seen the picture that says, “That moment when you have so much stuff to do that you decide to take a nap instead.” It was made for me. Shut it down. Everything seems better after a nice, long nap.


The purpose of my blog is to have a place to put the ramblings of my crazy, scatterbrained,  day to day life, write about my newfound passion for traveling to other places besides the Magic Kingdom, cooking, trying new restaurants and things, (If it’s been on Food Network, I want to eat there) helping women achieve healthy goals and discovering cool new products. My true dream is to one day travel and get paid for it. My kids are 14, 18 and 20, so it won’t be long until they’ve moved out and Sheldon and I will have some Empty Nest Syndrome to cure.

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My belief in life is that even though I don’t always succeed, I try to treat people the way I’d want to be treated. I can honestly say I accept and love someone for the true person inside. What race, religion, political party or sexual orientation he or she is,  is none of my business. Try to be a kind and good person and let those you love know it. This life we get is way too short to be unhappy. Get out, enjoy and laugh at some point every single day.